DIY Yarn Bowl

Made a yarn bowl to prevent my working yarn from falling or rolling just about everywhere I knit or crochet. This is a very easy do it yourself (DIY) project so let's start. 😉 I used an empty parmesan cheese plastic container without the lid. I didn't cover the outer part of the bowl because I'm [...]


Your Input Is Needed: DIY Denim Clutch or Bag?

Hello friends!!! As you all know, I made a no sew denim clutch a few days ago. Today when I was arranging all my crafty things at home I saw the extra denim fabric of this clutch. I didn't want to throw it in the trash so I decided to make a handle to turn the clutch [...]

Up-cycled Shoe Box

Shoe box to mail/magazine sorter. 😉   Rested from knitting last night because I've been frogging rows. I didn't understand why I was missing the pattern again and again, row per row, not fun anymore. So, I decided to make a mail/magazine organizer from a shoe box. By the way, the word frogging in the knitting world [...]

No Sew Denim Clutch

So the zipper arrived in the mail yesterday! Whoot! Whoot! 😀   I got the chance to work on my denim clutch last night while watching CSI:NY. Already in season 8, so I'm almost running out of episodes to watch. Back to my DIY denim clutch, got the idea of this DIY from here. What I [...]

Buttons In Place

Finally had the chance to visit the craft store today. Buttons are in place and my neck warmers are complete. 😉 Got the buttons for $1.29 for 2 pcs. @ Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store near Beaverton TC.       To know more of these projects, visit neck warmer 1 and neck warmer 2 [...]


I was supposed to make a simple headband but decided to consume the remainder of this yarn. I still don't have buttons so the photo will only show you where the button should be. The pattern is very simple, good for beginners. 🙂   Simple Buttoned-Neckwarmer Materials: Lion Brand Lion's Pride Woolspun (Weight 5; Bulky [...]

I’m Hooked!

Check out my new added menu - DIY Projects, just learned how to knit and crochet. And it has been fun! 🙂 - g

DIY: Repainting

Hello everyone! It has been a while. I miss being here, I like the fact that WordPress really makes my brain works. I am sorry. I have been very busy the past few weeks, from family gathering, to  work stuff, to another family gathering, to house chores/projects and to another family gathering and to another [...]