Monday WIPs: Still with Red Scarves

Hello!!! How's your Monday so far? I just finished my breakfast and will be heading out to work. I had some cookies and of course black coffee. I haven't been knitting on my commute last week, been very busy with work and is always tired. Most of the time, I'm napping. 😀 As of last [...]


Monday WIPs: Striped Scarf # 3, The Red Scarf Project

HAPPY MONDAY!!! How did your weekend go? Mine was incredibly awesome and I will share my stories in the next coming days. Today will be about my red scarves project. If you missed last Monday's post, go here. Still working on my scarf # 2, I'm so close to finishing it. I ran out of yarn [...]

Monday WIPs, Red Scarf #2

Good morning beautiful people! Happy Monday!!! Hope we'll all have a great week ahead. I am now on my way to work, in the train. And before I continue knitting my red scarf #2, I'll show you my progress, this is as of last night. I need 24 more inches and I will start with [...]


With Labor Day last Monday, I know everyone enjoyed their 3-day long weekend off. I've read a couple of stories of people's labor day weekend in the blog universe. It was a great read, such beautiful life stories to share to the world. For me, I had more than 3 days off from work. Friday, weekend, [...]

A Finished Object + A Mighty Stitch Giveaway

Happy Saturday!!! Great news from my crafty world. New Yarns The yarn I used in this project  was one of the free samples I received from Knit Picks a few weeks ago. They got this new line of yarns called the Mighty Stitch, sounds very masculine-ish but the truth is, it's super soft. Based on my [...]

A Cast On & A Finished Object

I'm so excited to share my very well made cowl scarf. The pattern is free from tricksy knitter and the sport weight yarn I got from For Yarn's Sake yarn shop were pretty neat and very soft. It was a bit expensive though but it's so worth it. 🙂 Without further ado, here's the graphite botanical [...]

Down to 3 More Rows

Hello! Hello! It's weekend once again. More time for my knitting addiction. 😉 I am so close to finishing my botanical cowl scarf. I knitted the last few rows of the pattern last night and now I only need 3 more rows of the border then will be binding it off later today. Exciting!!! Looking [...]

Autopilot: a Knitted Cowl Scarf

Nothing beats the triumphant feeling of finishing a knitting project. Wooh! I bound off this gorgeous autopilot knitted cowl scarf a few days ago, actually, 2 days ago. I wasn't expecting to finish this soon as I was mostly lazy the past few weeks. 🙂 Finished this within a week and I am very happy with the result. [...]

Pinkish Lavender Cowl Scarf

  Started this adorable cowl scarf during our road trip to California and I just finished it today. I'm one happy beginner knitter. 😉 This is a very easy knit pattern, similar to the seafoam cowl scarf but not knitted in round.     And the size is just right for me. Look, I tried it on [...]