Monday WIPs, Striped Red Scarf # 3

Good morning lovely people! Happy Monday! 🙂 Just a quick update on my crafty world, I am close to finishing Red Scarf #3. This is the first striped red scarf I've ever made. I will be able to send these red scarves by end of month to Foster Care to Success! Yay! Red Scarf # [...]


Monday WIPs: Still with Red Scarves

Hello!!! How's your Monday so far? I just finished my breakfast and will be heading out to work. I had some cookies and of course black coffee. I haven't been knitting on my commute last week, been very busy with work and is always tired. Most of the time, I'm napping. 😀 As of last [...]

Monday WIPs: Striped Scarf # 3, The Red Scarf Project

HAPPY MONDAY!!! How did your weekend go? Mine was incredibly awesome and I will share my stories in the next coming days. Today will be about my red scarves project. If you missed last Monday's post, go here. Still working on my scarf # 2, I'm so close to finishing it. I ran out of yarn [...]

Monday WIPs, Red Scarf #2

Good morning beautiful people! Happy Monday!!! Hope we'll all have a great week ahead. I am now on my way to work, in the train. And before I continue knitting my red scarf #2, I'll show you my progress, this is as of last night. I need 24 more inches and I will start with [...]

Monday WIPs: Red Scarf Project & Coloring Book

Happy Monday awesome people!!! How'd your weekend go? Was it too fast? Hope you had a good one. 😉 As for my crafty world, I am still working on the red scarves for donation. Almost done with the second one, actually I am half way done. Very close to my goal of 3 scarves then [...]

Dark Red Scarf, Work In Progress

Hello lovely friends! How is your Monday going so far? The day is almost over! Hope your feeling wonderful, 4 more days to go until the weekend. #feelingpositive. As for Monday WIPs, I'm still working on my Red Scarves! This is red scarf # 2 and the shade is darker than the first one. I [...]

Monday WIPs, The Red Scarf Project

Happy Labor Day America! I am happy that I don't get to work today. Long weekend makes me happy too, I get to spend more time with my yarn projects. I am still working on my old 2 projects, you've already seen them if stumbled upon last Monday WIP post. The new one which I [...]

Work In Progress; Yarn Monday

Last weekend's knitting time was awesome! Got the chance to work on 3 different projects. It may take me some time to finish 2 out of 3. But I am positive to the one that might only take a week or so. Haha! All these projects are using the same type of yarn, a worsted [...]

Botanical Cowl Scarf, Monday WIP

I only have one work in progress project as of the moment. I try and knit everyday but I end up doing one or two rows only. I knit in the morning before I head to work or at night before I sleep. It is so different now. I can only see satisfying progress on [...]