Trvltog [7.1]: Our Short Christmas Vacay in Michigan

After the holidays I am so ready to get back to blogging but I have one more 2015 life event post then I will be ready for 2016! 🙂 Our short Christmas vacation in Michigan. Let's start... The 24th of December Our first day, we drove from the airport to second mom-in-law's house in Lake Orion [...]


See You Soon, Goku!

My heart was torn into pieces when I left my fur baby "Goku" at Lola Fely's house. I thought it wouldn't be as hard as Batou leaving us for good. I thought I would be okay because he we will be in good care. But I was wrong. It hurts like hell, I wish I could [...]


This little creature makes leaving so difficult. I will be missing you sweet little guy! Be good always! 🙂 Enjoy your new home.

Wants Too Much Attention

Just before I left for work. He wanted me to massage him but I was so busy with the computer. I thought he'll let me do my thing, instead he put his feet on my right arm so I can't move the mouse. Clever dog! 🙂 He always wants too much attention. Have a great [...]

How Do I Look?

Getting used to wearing a shirt! And it's orange! Yes! All exclamations! - Goku

A Closer Shot

Goku was sleeping this morning so I had that moment to capture his caramel face. This time up close, he was probably very sleepy, he ignored the clicking sound from the phone camera. Haha. What a beauty!

Monday Morning @ Home

Playing and running around the house. And of course photos! 🙂 -Goku

Farewell Batou…

Yesterday, my trustworthy bestfriend took his last breath. I am lost of words, heartbroken, devastated and in denial. He was gone to soon. He was just 2 years and 2 months old. He was diagnosed with a kidney problem last June, I was given 10 days to decide. To let go of him or continue [...]

Goku Turns 1

My sweet little caramel dog is turning 1 this month! He is getting very handsome and lovely. 🙂