My View Right Now

Having some relaxing Saturday with my team. Such a beautiful view. Let's go and enjoy the sun. 🙂 Wish you were here, #robotlove! 😉


Family Summer Getaway + Birthdays

THE RESORT PHOTOS: MY STORY: Father is home, he's about to fly back for work but before that family gathering first. Though I've missed so many family gatherings lately, it is never too late. I guess! 😉 And aside from the fact that it is summer in Cebu, there are so many birthdays to celebrate [...]

Fishing @ Papa Kits

I went fishing for the first time with my team a few weeks ago. Yay! At last, for the longest time, one achievement unlocked for 2013! Haha! I have always wanted to try fishing. I enjoyed it so much + yummy food and good conversation. It was indeed a great day. Thanks team for the [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Even though distance separates us today, you are never out of sight, not once, for looking inside my heart, all I see, my love, is you. -

Robot Love

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Boracay Island

Place: Boracay Island; Model: Bt Maher; Camera: Samsung Galaxy Note Camera; Camera App: Camera360 Ultimate; Filter: Light Color You can download the app through Play Store web or mobile. Enjoy taking photos. -guen

Boracay Beach

Place: Boracay Island; Model: Bt Maher; Camera: Samsung Galaxy Note Camera Information The island: Hotels/Resorts & Restaurants: Boracay Weather Guide:

Summer Is Here

Summer is here! (in the Philippines though) And it is really hot. But that what makes going to the beach enjoyable. I had fun with work friends at Portofino Beach Resort in LLC last Thursday. We had lechon, grilled fish, lechon manok, salad, puto cheese, hanging rice (puso), and a lot more. I can’t remember [...]

Taal Volcano

Known as the smallest active volcano in the Philippines. How we got there? You don't want to know. It was an hour horse back riding to and from in a steamy, rocky path. I was with my robot love, beautiful aunt and pretty cousin.