Zenfone 2

Two weeks after I got my Zenfone 2! Three (3) things I considered when I got this phone – Camera, Capacity & Cost. Camera. Front 5 Mega-Pixel, Fix Focus, Wide View Rear 13 Mega-Pixel, Auto Focus Capacity. 2GB LPDDR3 RAM / 16GB Internal Memory + 64 GB MicroSD card Cost. Less than $200. Great value for money. 😉 … More Zenfone 2

Best Buddies

It amazes me how multiple photo apps can make a normal photo look lovely, funny and unique. I have a few to share. It was about time for me to wrap things up at work when one of my agents was showing interest in posing for photos. She actually said to take some photos of … More Best Buddies


I decided to root my phone last week and it was a success. Now, I am able to uninstall applications I don’t need. Yay! More space for me. But that isn’t the only reason why. I wanted to personalize Navi like the way I want with less limitations, by the way that’s the name of … More Screenshot