Vinaigrette Mixer & Coupon

Do you know Kellie of LE ZOE MUSINGS? If not, go over to her wonderful blog and get inspired! 🙂 I entered in some of her giveaway contests (those that I'm interested in) and luckily I won this cute little piece from Mastrad, a vinaigrette mixer. The timing is perfect as the husband and I are [...]


Blog Life and Life in General

Hello! Happy Monday Morning! I have been actively connecting with other bloggers on the web these past few days to see how I can grow my blog month on month. And I have read many helpful tips from all talented bloggers around the world. One of the things I find interesting is the "swap ad", meaning you [...]

Thank You!

This happened yesterday!!! 🙂   Once I hit 500 followers, I will host my own giveaway. I'll start planning as early as now so it would be a blast! Can't wait! Thanks again for all the likes, the comments and of course the follow. You all truly made my day! 😉   Much ❤ , [...]

Inspirations And The Like

DAY 4: EXPLORE THE NEIGHBORHOOD   TAGS I FOLLOW: Few of my favorites Art - just lovely DIY - amazes me how talented people are. Fashion - ideas for our online shop! 😉 Long Distance Love - because we are. Photography - capturing memories has always been my passion BLOGS that somewhat INSPIRED ME to BLOG. graceandivy - a very talented mother whose [...]


Notification: Hi there! I have transferred all my posts from my secondary blog ( to Bt & I have decided to just maintain one site. Galaxynotegraphy would still be available as a tag in our website: Thanks, Guen

Sky Internet

At last, sky installed my cable internet today. Is better than my mobile internet, of course, that's very obvious. What am I saying? Haha! 🙂 I got what I paid for. So, YAY! When time comes that this isn't enough? Well, let's cross the bridge when we get there. 🙂 With this speed, I can [...]