Traveling Alone

I’m good at this, always is. From planning to booking to flying. It may be travels within the country or outside the country. It may be on a budget trip or an extravagant one. I always love to travel and I don’t mind traveling alone. But since I met my one true love, is always … More Traveling Alone

Grab Away Experience

Early Christmas blessing! Thanks #GrabTaxi!!! 😉 Awesome promo. Happy me! 🙂 Simple easy steps: 1. Download the app 2. Book a Taxi 3. Track your ride (you can call the driver too.) 4. Share in social media if you want to. Here’s mine. 😉 Pretty cool huh! Have a safe trip!

Jonie’s Sizzlers & Roast

One of the many affordable restaurants in JCentre Mall. A meal for only 59php ($1.40) with free iced tea (current promo). I am here almost every other day of my work week. From chicken steak – pork steak – calamares – flaming bacon. I just love eating! Just took this photo today! Let’s eat!


Yesterday didn’t go as planned. I fell asleep early and woke up in the middle of the night. Then went back to sleep again in the morning. Little to no food for a day is not very me. Now that I am wide awake, time to treat myself out with delicious food and maybe a … More AA’s BBQ