MONDAY WIPs ~ Thirdy

Happy Monday WiPs! Just another placemat project to share. Currently on my third piece and pattern. This is a woven plaid one, at least that’s how the designer named it. Here’s a glimpse of how it looks like.   I took a black and white photo of the assorted placemats, so you can see the pattern detail without the … More MONDAY WIPs ~ Thirdy


At Pioneer Square Portland. Day four entry. Taken today, like right now. My view while having coffee with the husband. For my 4th day, I wiIl nominate Jean Daniel of jeandanielphotography. His photos are beautiful.  Jean Daniel, hope you’re up for this challenge. Post black and white photographs for 5 days (one photo a day) and nominate a fellow … More BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO 5-DAY CHALLENGE — DAY 4

Double & Rotation

Double bike racks just across Marshall Streetcar stop. Played with contrast, saturation and temperature settings to get this photo effect while having coffee at Starbucks Pioneer Square. My husband and I are waiting for our train. We are going to Seattle! 🙂 Anyway, what do you think of the photo?

Downtown Portland

Hello! Hello! This is a long overdue post but I have not forgotten. First visit. First commute. Firs tour in the city. First ever. 🙂 Travel with me and experience a little bit of Downtown Portland during the day. It was a lovely experience and I had a wonderful time. It was very clean and of course … More Downtown Portland

New Blog Title!!!

New Blog Title!!! Check it out!!! Added a text widget about the change too, just in case this post gets archived. 🙂 Pending posts: 1. Downtown Portland Photos 2. Fiancé Visa Experience 3. Elopement in Portland 4. DIY Projects Seems busy but I’m really not that busy. ‘Til my next post! Much ❤ , Guenny