Early Bloom

Hello darling readers!!! How was your weekend? I'm kind of enjoying mine. It's a long weekend for us, the husband and I are on our first road trip for 2016. 😉 #exciting And since it's not over yet, here are some beautiful photos I took from one of my train stops last week. Camera: Samsung [...]



The Pillow Case

One Afternoon

On our way home this afternoon… We saw very tiny yellow flowers slowly falling from the trees. It was such a lovely view, we stopped and took some photos. And as the wind blows, we smelled a sweet baby-like scent. One of those few lovely, stress-free walks going home. Have a good day! xo, guenny

First Singapore Travel

One thing I will never forget in this travel was trying out frog in a meal. Yes, it tasted like chicken but the bones were too small, so you would really know is not chicken, plus the frog aquarium was right next to where our table was. All the frogs in the aquarium were alive, [...]