Sky Internet

At last, sky installed my cable internet today. Is better than my mobile internet, of course, that’s very obvious. What am I saying? Haha! 🙂 I got what I paid for. So, YAY! When time comes that this isn’t enough? Well, let’s cross the bridge when we get there. 🙂 With this speed, I can … More Sky Internet

Shout It Out

How can I not share one of the best nights of my life? 🙂 Last March 31, my highschool best friends and I were very fortunate to see the Hanson brothers performed our favorite songs live. Gosh! Felt like teenage years, singing and dancing the ever popular songs, ‘Mmmbop’ and ‘Where’s The Love’. I was … More Shout It Out

Middle of Nowhere

Cassette tapes were very popular when I was younger. Haha! And yes, I have a collection of those way back. My father bought me my own cassette player, it made my sleeping at night worthwhile. I used to play one album night after night after night. My cassette player before was placed on my headboard, … More Middle of Nowhere