Quote Challenge Day 3

This is the last day of this challenge and I picked this as my most recent favorite quote.   And I'll continue exploring the world, what's beautiful about it this time though, is I'll no longer be alone. I'll be with my one true love.   Nominate 3 fellow bloggers: Asta of Purring Pyjamas Alanna [...]


Knit Nook

I dream of having a small area or a patio in our future home where I can setup a knit nook! I can sit on the floor, have some macaroons, coffee and knit all day long. Would be lovely and soothing.


I moved to Oregon for love. This is my new home now and I am very happy. 🙂

A Walk To Remember

They say most "first times" are always hard to forget, do you believe in that? I guess, at some point we all do. Last Thursday was my first ever adventure since I got here. My first time to be out without Brian, hashtag Oregon adventure (#OregonAdventure). Let's call it that way from now on. 😉 [...]

Not Like Any Other Day For The Longest Time

Not like any other day for the longest time. Aside from having some me time today, I went SHOPPING!!! Haha! It's been a while. Anyway, I went to a salon for four things --- foot spa, manicure, pedicure and hair treatment. It's all about ME time! Only was able to take a photo of my [...]

A Beatiful Christmas Place

Aunt's beautiful home always have that special Christmas feel every year, from Santa lamp to a hanging Santa and many others. You will fall in love with her decors and many other simple yet beautiful Christmas stuff. For me, it makes me wish every day is Christmas Day! Happy Christmas Everyone!!! Enjoy today and the [...]

6 Days

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Cool Puppy Hair Do

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Feeling Tired

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