Blog Inspirations + A Giveaway

Happy Saturday!!! Today I will share 3 of my favorite bloggers and why I love their blog. I read tons of blogs everyday and I always hit subscribe, like or comment to support them or give them the encouragement to do more of what they love to do. I also like the idea of connecting with other people, get [...]


Inspirations And The Like

DAY 4: EXPLORE THE NEIGHBORHOOD   TAGS I FOLLOW: Few of my favorites Art - just lovely DIY - amazes me how talented people are. Fashion - ideas for our online shop! 😉 Long Distance Love - because we are. Photography - capturing memories has always been my passion BLOGS that somewhat INSPIRED ME to BLOG. graceandivy - a very talented mother whose [...]

2 Days

Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and pinch of creativity. -Bo Bennett Almost to together everyday. ♥ YES!