Aninikad Soup

It was my first time to be in Basak Wet Market this morning and saw some aninikad shells. Is been a while since I last had these. So, I made Aninikad Soup for lunch. We used to have this during dinner time when I was still living with family. Ingredients: Aninikad Shells Tomato (kamatis) Spring … More Aninikad Soup

Meet Yuki

Since Lappie (my portable) died, about 2 weeks ago, days and hours at home have been terrible. I’ve been missing daily hangouts with Robot Love. Gosh! I didn’t like it. Lappie had a video card issue, is integrated so I can’t repair it. I’ve sent it in for repair once last year. And few weeks … More Meet Yuki

Manang Fe BBQ

I woke up very late last night from a long day at work. So, I decided to dine out. Didn’t have time to make dinner anymore, I was starving and even if I was not, I would still go out to eat for I was too tired to make some food. It’s my first time … More Manang Fe BBQ

Staying Awake

Staying awake all night has been very challenging for me for the past two days esp. now that is summer. Is very difficult to sleep during the day for it is very hot in the Philippines, way too hot. And I am loving my morning schedule for the past 3 months, is still is different … More Staying Awake

One Afternoon

On our way home this afternoon… We saw very tiny yellow flowers slowly falling from the trees. It was such a lovely view, we stopped and took some photos. And as the wind blows, we smelled a sweet baby-like scent. One of those few lovely, stress-free walks going home. Have a good day! xo, guenny

Pinoy Style Merienda

I haven’t had banana que for so long. I used to eat this every afternoon when I was in college. Gosh! How I miss the sweetness of this street food, only in the Philippines. I had one yesterday, photo above. Posted from WordPress for Android