Trvltog [10.0]: On Our Way To Boise

Happy Memorial Day weekend all! If you have been following me on Instagram or Twitter, you must have seen glimpse of our road trip last week. Some photos on Instagram and check-ins on Twitter. 😉 This road trip was not planned in any way. We didn't know exactly where to go, where to stop and didn't [...]


Random View: Almost Spring 2016

Random photographs of my break time at work the past week, it's almost spring and Portland is getting prettier. I'm lost of words. 🙂 Blossom!!! // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Spring Flowers & Trees

Twenty degrees Celsius today (66° F)!!! Yay! Warmer than the last few days. 😉 I went out for a walk, took some photos and went shopping for brown sugar, honey and paprika at the grocery store. Had some coffee too before I headed back home. Nothing much to share except for the photos I took. [...]

Downtown Portland

Hello! Hello! This is a long overdue post but I have not forgotten. First visit. First commute. Firs tour in the city. First ever. 🙂 Travel with me and experience a little bit of Downtown Portland during the day. It was a lovely experience and I had a wonderful time. It was very clean and of course [...]


View from the Skybridge: