Food Truck in PDX: E-San Thai Cuisine

The nearest food truck at work!!! They serve Thai food here. I come here often and I always order their chicken satay. I love their peanut sauce a lot! ūüėČ Hehehe. Why? It's not sticky and not very watery. It has the right thickness, I would say. I'm not sure that's the right term, I [...]


Sunday OOTD + Portland Sign

Outside the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, a historic theater building and performing arts center in Portland, Oregon. Top: H&M | Skirt: Wrangler | Purse: Traveler Aviator sunglasses | Armitron Watch | Marrin Costello Necklace

Blog Life and Life in General

Hello! Happy Monday Morning! I have been actively connecting with other bloggers on the web these past few days to see how I can grow my blog month on month. And I have read many helpful tips from all talented bloggers around the world. One of the things I find interesting is the "swap ad", meaning you [...]

Portland Festival of Flowers

Based on my research, Festival of Flowers is one of the most celebrated festivals in Portland. Every year, they make these giant designs of flowers in Pioneer Courthouse Square. According to the husband,  it is open for everybody and it is very nice. So I made a trip to downtown this morning, it was supposed to be last [...]

North Portland

Took a few shots when we went to northern part of Portland this afternoon. The panorama shot and tips of trees photo are my personal faves. Our all time fave grocery store! #freddys Delta Park East: While waiting for Callum... Have a lovely Saturday night! ūüėČ Much Guenny

TRVLTOG [4]: Seattle + Tukwila, Washington

Right after my AOS biometric appointment at ASC, Bt and I traveled by train for the first time to Seattle.¬†We visited the city, went on tour, dined, strolled and of course chickenjoy & cannoli. ūüėÄ Some awesome photos we took of the city and ourselves to brighten up your day! ūüėȬ†¬†Click the images for a [...]

Grimm Inspired Travel

Yesterday's bonding day with the husband! Bare with me, I know this is my new home but partly I still am a tourist. Haha. Watching Grimm has been very helpful to me in so many different ways. I just got here like a month or so ago and the show gave me an idea on [...]

Metric 2013

I had a chance to see a band I really like play a show at the Roseland Theatre in downtown Portland. Metric is a Canadian band I first heard 10 years ago. Since then, I've been to see them many times, and though there are always new faces in the crowd, I still receive transmission [...]

PDX – Portland, Oregon and the Changing Seasons

The change has come to PDX.  After months of dry days and sunshine, the rain and clouds have returned.  It will rain now, almost everyday for many months.  That is how it is in Portland, Oregon. Autumn leaves are here, colors everywhere.  One of my favorite times in the year.  So, my robot self took [...]