The Wife with a Red Shoes

Hello beautiful people!!! How's your morning so far? Happy Thursday!!! Grab some cookies and coffee then let's read some blog posts together! 😉 Fall is coming to town, I can feel it. The weather is getting cooler in the morning and at night. The leaves are also starting to change from green to gold and red. [...]


Monday to Friday Office Style

A week worth of office style! 😉 Summer means one to two layers of clothing only. 😀 Okay, okay, sometimes three when it gets a little cooler. Haha. Last week's weather was nice. It was not too hot and it was not too cold. So I was dressed lightly.   Checkered Monday + Burgundy Flats [...]

Work Week 3: OOTD

I so love my forever 21 pearl ring. It was the last week of training!!!! Excited for next week! Simple and easy office job, bring it on! Looking forward to reaching my personal career goal in the next 4 to 6 months. 😉 Wish me luck!!! 😉 It's funny that sometimes when I login to [...]

Vinaigrette Mixer & Coupon

Do you know Kellie of LE ZOE MUSINGS? If not, go over to her wonderful blog and get inspired! 🙂 I entered in some of her giveaway contests (those that I'm interested in) and luckily I won this cute little piece from Mastrad, a vinaigrette mixer. The timing is perfect as the husband and I are [...]

TrvlTog [6.6]: Welcome to Hollywood!!!

Hitting two birds with one stone. I wanted to see the Hollywood sign and the husband wanted to visit the Griffith Observatory, perfect combo. One of the places where you can best see the Hollywood sign is at Griffith Park, other places, you can check here. The parking was free but limited, so if you [...]

Entered California

Hello!!! Happy Thursday! We are in California now but still on the move to San Francisco. While the husband is driving, I'm blogging. We left the house as planned, around 9am and before we started our road trip I got myself a SIM and a prepaid plan so I get connected to you while on [...]

Summer Adventure

Can't wait!!! #ROADTRIP   If you need a place to crash for the night that aren't expensive but nice, Airbnb has this $25 off on your first adventure. We just registered!   Follow me on Instagram and let's hit the road tomorrow! 😉 See yah!   Much ❤ , Guenny

Beach Attire

Hello! How's your Saturday so far? I hope it is as good as mine. I woke up early today and took a hot shower, then had homemade pancakes for breakfast with bacon and egg. I also started a new project, hoping to finish it today or maybe tomorrow. 🙂 I always get tempted to check [...]

Summer Road Trip

Happy Weekend All! I'm still a bit frustrated of what happened yesterday. If you read my Portland Festival of Flowers post, I kind of shared at the last part that I lost my phone on my way home and reported the incident to TriMet. This morning, I got an email from them saying that they have [...]