Team Rhapsody

CONGRATULATIONS!!! #Rhapsody Shift Zune – 2nd prize winner of the team tarp contest – The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. ― Phil Jackson ***photo credits/artist — Kage Gonzales

Teaser: Inspired By What Era?

Another costume-fun day at work. I wasn’t expecting this would be the last. We had a blast! I know my former team are very anxious to see how they look, here’s one, more exciting photos to come. Wait and see! –Guen Posted from WordPress for Android

The New Mall

L, Xamsy and I visited the newest mall in town for the first time. We were curios and bored, so there. Haha. Felt like we’ve never been inside a mall ever. Funny! Is quiet big, design is nice, and is still clean and cold. Hope they can maintain that. Well, here are some photos I … More The New Mall