Trvltog [9.1]: Rooster Park – Vista House – Joe’s Crab

This is part two of our Elowah Falls weekend, go here for part one. I love weekend getaways with the husband. I just do, it's something that I look forward to when the weather is nice. No jackets needed, not too warm. I love Spring! These happened after Elowah Falls: Rooster Park The sun was out [...]


TRVLTOG [4]: Seattle + Tukwila, Washington

Right after my AOS biometric appointment at ASC, Bt and I traveled by train for the first time to Seattle. We visited the city, went on tour, dined, strolled and of course chickenjoy & cannoli. 😀 Some awesome photos we took of the city and ourselves to brighten up your day! 😉  Click the images for a [...]


When we arrived in Seattle last night. For my 5th day, I wiIl nominate AKOB. Photos in his site are inspiring. AKOB, hope you’re up for this challenge. Post black and white photographs for 5 days (one photo a day) and nominate a fellow blogger. Enjoy!!! 🙂 


Hello again! This is a long overdue post but still would like to share it. All of you or at least my blog's followers know that me and my husband went to a trip weeks ago to visit Mount St. Helens. I shared some photos of our drive to Mount St. Helens in my previous [...]

Landscape & Cropping

Lake, mountains and blue sky.

Connect: Oregon & Washington

At that brief moment when you are literally in 2 states at once.