Coffee Beans

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! I can’t last a day at work without drinking at least a cup of coffee. This keeps me awake. Gosh!  Back to working in zombie hours is not easy. Adjust! Adjust! Faster please. 🙂 Last night, I grabbed a tall Café Americano at Bo’s Coffee in IT Park, Cebu. When I was at … More Coffee Beans

Aninikad Soup

It was my first time to be in Basak Wet Market this morning and saw some aninikad shells. Is been a while since I last had these. So, I made Aninikad Soup for lunch. We used to have this during dinner time when I was still living with family. Ingredients: Aninikad Shells Tomato (kamatis) Spring … More Aninikad Soup

Meet Yuki

Since Lappie (my portable) died, about 2 weeks ago, days and hours at home have been terrible. I’ve been missing daily hangouts with Robot Love. Gosh! I didn’t like it. Lappie had a video card issue, is integrated so I can’t repair it. I’ve sent it in for repair once last year. And few weeks … More Meet Yuki

False Alarm

I was waiting for my water to boil; it took very long so I looked at the stove, was not on! Initial reaction was “omg! I dont have gas anymore? After 17 months?”. Haha! Funny, still shock even it has been 17 months and counting. Now, I am still waiting for the water to boil. … More False Alarm

Pinoy Style Merienda

I haven’t had banana que for so long. I used to eat this every afternoon when I was in college. Gosh! How I miss the sweetness of this street food, only in the Philippines. I had one yesterday, photo above. Posted from WordPress for Android


Is very hot in my country today. Temperature is at 33 degrees Celsius and I don’t have power at home. I hate days like these, so hot and no electricity. And I dont feel like going to the mall too. Anyway, so much about complaining. Diverting my attention to something else. Good that Navi-my phone … More Androidify